Rules of cooperation

In our work we use the Ethics Code of Attorneys at Law, designed to ensure a high level of legal services and building trust between a client and a law firm.

Legal services adapted to client’s individual needs

We talk with our clients about their expectations and problems. Our opinions do not rely on quoting rules and theoretical considerations, but on analyzing the situation and its legal status and indicating the best solutions for the client.

Clear rules of accounts

We offer a clear way of accounts adopted to our client’s needs. Our remuneration is set up as a rate for a working hour or as a lump sum for our services. The client is regularly informed about the number of hours that were spend on his case. The lump sum is indicated based on a preliminary assessment of the case and documents.

Timely execution of orders

We care about keeping the terms agreed with our client. We know how important for the proper operating of each entity is to obtain a legal advice on time.

Informing the client about the current state of the case

We deliver our clients reports about the state of cases so they have full knowledge of the method and stage of settlement hereof.

Forms of our services

We are flexible, we can work at our clients’ office few days a week or come at the meetings.


We aleso conduct our legal service In English and German.