Maja Pietkiewicz

I am the founder and partner of the law firm, and since 2005 I have been a legal adviser. I provide comprehensive services to companies. I have extensive experience in cooperation with entities from the public finance sector. I provide ongoing legal services, including: for companies from the group of one of the most popular air carriers and one of the leading universities in Wrocław. I am particularly interested in activities undertaken at the interface between business and the public financial sector. Good relations with clients and mutual trust are crucial in my work.

I value the experience gained in the courtroom, but even more in successful mediations. I am a court mediator. I also obtained the title of motivational dialogue specialist to support others in their self-development.

I combine work with being a wife and mother of three children. I practice krav maga and running. My husband and I run workshops for couples. I speak English fluently.