The scope of services

We offer legal services to entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals. We represent clients before courts and authorities. Our Law Firm’s practice includes in particular:

Support for the investment process

we assist in real estate purchase and sale transactions, drafting and negotiating construction contracts, we represent the interests of both investors and contractors

development market services

we assist in the proper formation of the development agreement, advise developers and purchasers of residential units and houses

Commercial law

we set up and register commercial companies, we support company’s bodies in their corporate activities, we organize the process of transformation and merger of companies and their liquidation

Civil law

we deal with the preparation and negotiation of contracts (e.g. sales, lease, for a specific task, mandate contracts), we analyze contracts and indicate the consequences of existing provisions, we prepare legal opinions, and we also help in the implementation of civil law claims

Servicing entities from the public finance sector

we make sure that the activities of these entities are compliant with all the rigors provided for by law, we prepare internal acts, apply for consent to supervisory authorities, we help in handling public procurement

Labor law

we advise clients on all matters related to the employment, we prepare and give opinions on employment contracts and management contracts; we draw up regulations required by the Labour Code

Higher Education’s law

we help universities to operate in accordance with the requirements of the Act of Higher Education and science in particular by creating internal regulations and consulting university authorities

Issues related to the State aid

we provide legal assistance in the implementation and operation of EU and national programs and projects, we prepare program documents, objections and correspondence on matters related to implemented projects, we issue legal opinions related to the issue of granting and using EU and national subsidies